805404.pngA trolley that doesn't crave the limelight. If you want to describe BACKSTAGE, you first need to define individuality. Hence these basic questions: If everyone wears fashion, can it still be fashion? If personal accessories trigger mass buying, can they still be regarded as personal? Are must-haves still must-haves when every second person has them? These premises define BACKSTAGE. We allow individualists to be individual, fashion lovers to be fashionable and are quite satisfied simply to be ourselves. It may be that not everyone likes that, but that's how it has to be. BACKSTAGE has a mind of its own. It's edgy, angular, different. It provides much space thanks to its strictly rectangular design that avoids curves. It has double wheels, a recessed TSA combination lock, two dividers and a scratch-resistant shark skin finish from Makrolon® polycarbonate. In a nutshell, it delivers everything you would expect from a good trolly, but it doesn't brag about it.

4-wheels Trolley L

48 x 75 x 28 cm
95 l
ca. 4.50 kg
Bayer Makrolon® Polycarbonate
3 years warranty
  • BIG DOUBLE WHEELS - Exceptionally silent and easy to steer
  • SECURE SHELL - 100% polycarbonate, scratch-resistant shark skin finish
  • GOOD SPACE DIVISION - Maximum storage space and two dividers with pockets
  • SECURE - Recessed TSA combination lock
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Rectangular shape, easy packing