A man, a suitcase and an ice channel


In its retail campaign for the launch of the new PRIOR, TITAN proves that the innovative suitcase that was “Made in Germany” can even hold its own on a bobsleigh track.


La Plagne in France, –5 °C – you can hear the breath of the World and European Champion in four-man bobsleigh, Manuel Machata. He takes a run-up and starts down the bob track – on the TITAN PRIOR. At the Olympic bobsleigh track in La Plagne, the frame trolley was subjected to the ultimate test of toughness, and this was captured for a new promotional spot. TITAN’s claim “Made for every demand” expresses what the company, and especially PRIOR, stands for: quality German workmanship.

How do you show the customer in a spectacular way that a suitcase from the House of TITAN keeps its word? You subject it to an iron-hard field test. The Munich-based advertising agency Imageart has managed the impossible with the Manual Machata testimonial and sent a suitcase down the ice channel with a rider. The promo of just less than two minutes shows Machata standing at the track, taking a deep breath, and then shutting his visor to prepare for the spurt. In his hands, he holds the TITAN PRIOR. The clock begins to tick. Machata seats himself on the suitcase to ready himself for the run and shoots down the bob track, past spectators, heart pounding. At the bottom he raises both fists in the air. A quick glance at the clock, and the clear conscience of a job well done: Machata is the first person to ride down a bob track on a suitcase. The claim “Made for every demand” suddenly gains new meaning: The TITAN PRIOR is the first suitcase to be sent down the ice channel, and it withstood this stress test. 



“It was our goal to demonstrate to the customer the different facets of the PRIOR. Material, quality and safety are among our key concerns, and through this experiment, we want the buyers to be convinced of our high standards,” says Alfred Gruber, CEO of TITAN, about the new retail campaign. Through the existing collaboration between TITAN and the German national bobsleigh and skeleton federation (BSD e.V.) it soon became clear: a bob track is the ultimate toughness test for the PRIOR. They soon found a bobsledder who was prepared to take on the challenge: World and European Champion in four-man bob, Manuel Machata. As someone who enjoys new challenges, he took up the task of riding through the ice channel on a suitcase. “The idea of sending a suitcase, the TITAN PRIOR, down a bob track for the first time arose in a brainstorming session as part of the close collaboration between TITAN and the BSD. We were all immediately enthusiastic about it,” recounts Helmut Distl, Managing Director of the advertising agency Imageart. “The slogan ‘Made for every demand’ and the qualities associated with it are vividly portrayed in the promo. That is why the bob motif has become the key visual of the campaign, recurring on all the campaign material. We paid particular attention to equipping the retailers on-site. Leather goods retailers are equipped with hangtags for the suitcases, flyers, posters and promotional suitcase displays.