TITAN. That’s us.

TITAN, that's us! Design specialists and experts from various sectors who share a vision: stylish luggage which is renowned for best performance. We value quality and innovation. We never stand still, but are always thinking ahead. This is why we develop and design the entire TITAN collection in Germany.


We produce luggage which thrills: you and everyone around you. No matter where you land with your TITAN suitcase, you'll make a fashion statement. Do you have high expectations when it comes to luggage and trolleys? We do too! Our brand has been around since 1983, and our headquarters have been in Hamburg since 2012.


Our aim is to merge tradition and innovation and to invigorate our production site in Germany effectively and sustainably. This is why we launched the X-RAY series in 2018. We are extremely proud of this "Made in Germany" collection made of senosan® polycarbonate: it is designed in Hamburg in northern Germany and produced in Hauzenberg in Lower Bavaria (Germany). With the X-RAY PRO and X-RAY, TITAN is the only manufacturer in the world to produce polycarbonate suitcases in Germany. In fact, mainly by hand: from deep-drawing the shell, to stitching the interior through to fitting the locks and wheels. Thus, we make a first-class product which impresses across the entire range.


Best quality, super service and a feel for our partners: by placing these demands on ourselves, this ensures that we are also valued at international level. TITAN is already represented in more than 1,000 shops in the DACH region and globally in 35 countries – with a rising trend. #travelinstyle

TITAN design.

We develop the striking design of your TITAN with know-how and a passion for special details. In doing so, we work together with experts from home and abroad. We process high-quality materials which make your TITAN travel-proof. Lightweight and reliable locks are also important to us to make sure that your TITAN remains intact during travel and does not lose its contents.


Do you want to know how we transform your TITAN into your dream suitcase? As a market-leading specialist in luggage, we are constantly keeping an eye on the market to make new discoveries as early as possible. As soon as we detect a suitcase trend, we start to draw sketches which are then used to build the prototypes. These continue to be improved until everyone is fully satisfied with the result: designer, developer, suitcase maker, tester and quality control inspector. Only then does the new TITAN go into production.

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