Warranty conditions

The production of TITAN products is subject to constant controls. The various raw materials and accessories are also rigorously assessed prior to use. However, should there be any unexpected occasion to query a TITAN product, we ask you to consider the following:
The TITAN period of warranty is 3 years, while the warranty on the trolleys from TITAN “Made in Germany” is 5 years.


This is valid in accordance with the following:
Only material defects and defects caused by poor workmanship can be claimed against. Damage as a result of incorrect handling, overloading, accidents, acids/chemical solvents, extreme temperatures, water, normal wear and tear from use, or incorrect forwarding by third parties, etc. cannot be recognised. Should the goods be faulty, you have the right to lodge a claim within the legally subscribed periods.
A warranty card is integrated in the product tag for TITAN products. The completed and stamped warranty card, together with the sales receipt, serves as proof of purchase and should be kept as a record. Should there be no warranty card attached to the product in question, the sales receipt alone will serve as proof of purchase for the warranty.
During the warranty period, your retailer is your point of contact in the event of damage. They will be able to solve your problem. For organisational reasons, claims must be transacted via the retail outlet. If you have any questions, you may of course contact our central office directly via our contact form. We will be glad to deal with your problem and find a satisfactory solution.
We would also like to make the following additional recommendations: After every journey, immediately check your luggage for damage while still in the baggage claim (if possible, before passing through customs). Should you note any damage due to forwarding, immediately make a claim for this, both verbally and in writing, at the information desk of your carrier (airline, shipping company, bus company, etc.) and have the damage confirmed in writing. Immediately registering any damage which has occurred with the relevant carrier will generally result in the prompt and generous settlement of your claim. Your friendly specialist retailer will no doubt help you make a successful claim by preparing an appraisal/cost estimate. Whenever possible, take out additional luggage insurance.

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