Our Service for you.

As one of the market-leading manufacturers of suitcases, we offer you our TITAN suitcases produced to the highest quality of processing. Quality which experiences every travel adventure. Quality which of course we also guarantee to you. Should, however, your TITAN become damaged in transit or, should a component show signs of wear after frequent use, then we will of course offer you our first-class service. Find out here about our warranty and warranty conditions!

Our warranty for you.

In addition to the legally required guarantee, we also offer you a warranty for your TITAN luggage. Depending on the series, the warranty period is between two and five years – starting from the date of purchase. More information can be found either in or on the actual product.


Our warranty covers material faults and defects owing to bad workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper handling, overloading, accidents, normal use (wear and tear) or improper transportation by third parties. For all matters concerning the guarantee or warranty, the seller of your TITAN should always be your first point of contact (either retailer or online shop).


Click here for the more detailed warranty conditions.

The FAQS. Answers for you.

You should be aware of the following eight FAQs about your TITAN:


1. The lock on my suitcase won't open.
Don't panic, that can happen. It is often simply a mix-up of digits. First, take your time and go through all possible code combinations and check if the suitcase opens after all (push or slide the lock slide to the side). If no personal number combination has been stored in your lock, the default setting is 0-0-0 or 0-0-0-0.
Tip: The number combination 8-6-9 can be read as 6-9-8, depending on which side your suitcase is lying. If your suitcase is "on its front", the digits on the lock also appear the other way round.


2. Is there a Reset button for the lock?
No, unfortunately there is no Reset button. The reason for this is quite simple: anyone could otherwise "reset" the lock on your suitcase and gain access to your belongings.


3. What is the default setting?
At the factory, all locks are set to 0-0-0 or 0-0-0-0. To set your own number combination, please follow the instructions which come with your suitcase.


4. Is there is a master key for the TSA LOCK® safety lock?
Yes, but only Customs or the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) have it. It is only used so that officials can open the suitcase in specific cases of suspicion to check the contents. Customs or the TSA are by no means authorised to issue this key. Even TITAN does not have such a key.


5. What should I do if my TITAN has been damaged during transit by a third party, e.g. airline company?
Report any damage as soon as possible to the carrier, e.g. the airline. Preferably, report the damage before leaving the airport. If you notice the damage once you are home, you usually have 7 days after landing to submit a claim for such "flight damage". Our advice: Act straight away.
Since damage was caused after a flight or after the trip by a third party (e.g. airline, bus company, etc.), this is not covered by the statutory warranty and must be examined by the party that caused the damage, and if necessary replaced or repaired.


6. Who do I contact to make a complaint about my TITAN luggage?
Should you wish to make a complaint about your suitcase, trolley or bag, please contact the dealer directly or the online shop where you bought your TITAN luggage. Remember to take your receipt or invoice with you.


7. One of the wheels has come off and gone missing, how do I go about getting a replacement wheel?
Contact the retailer/online shop first for any replacement parts. They will check whether a replacement is fundamentally possible and can order the replacement parts from TITAN. It may also be that a new wheel can be sent directly to you. Replacement parts are manufactured in such a way that you can easily replace them.


8. Where do I find the item number for my TITAN?
The item number of your TITAN is located inside the suitcase. Open the Service zip on the inner lining on the side the handle is on. The number is on a white sticker.


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