TITAN Style Consultant


Find your look. Travel in style.


TITAN lets you choose: your style – your TITAN. Be it Hardside, Softside or Accessory, you decide.





Are you a frequent flyer? Then you should choose our hard-shell suitcases. TITAN's robust Hardsides can cope with any travel adventure and will protect your luggage. Even when you hand it over at check-in and it is not always treated gently.


Made of robust materials such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS or a combination of these


  • Hard-shell suitcases are particularly suitable for travel by plane
  • Characterised by unique and striking surface designs which are guaranteed to attract attention


Click here to take a look at all TITAN hard-shell suitcases.




Do you often travel by car, bus or rail? TITAN soft luggage is what you need if there is not much space in the car boot or on the luggage rack. There is always space for our flexible Softsides.


Soft suitcases score top marks with the stylishly finished polyester, which is also very resilient


  • When travelling by car, bus and train, they guarantee stability whilst at the same time being flexible
  • Bonus: cleverly placed front pockets allow quick access and perfect organisation


Click here to take a look at the TITAN soft luggage.

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