4w Trolley S BARBARA



Travelling in style with BARBARA.

Elegant. Stylish. Classic. These attributes characterise the first joint series which has been designed in collaboration with the BARBARA magazine and Barbara Schöneberger. Featuring details in delicate rose-gold and a water-repellent felt look, the items of luggage of the BARBARA series are not only extremely elegant, but also very practical. One of a kind, just like its name giver.

  • cabin luggage
  • Developed exclusively with the BARBARA magazine and Barbara Schöneberger
  • finish made of felt-like material for a unique look
  • high-quality interior in fresh coral colours
  • bow details in rose-gold
  • integrated TSA LOCK® combination lock (cabin trolley)
  • silent-running double wheels


4-wheels Trolley L exp.
ca. 46 x 79 x 31/35 cm
ca. 94/106 l
ca. 3.50 kg

4-wheels Trolley M exp.
ca. 42 x 67 x 28/32 cm
ca. 66/75 l
ca. 3.00 kg

4-wheels Trolley S
ca. 40 x 55 x 20 cm
ca. 37 l
ca. 2.50 kg

ca. 27 x 38 x 12 cm
ca. 12 l
ca. 0.70 kg

Garment Bag
ca. 57 x 61 x 1 cm
ca. 4 l
ca. 0.70 kg

ca. 30 x 36 x 11 cm
ca. 12 l
ca. 0.40 kg

Toilet Bag
ca. 27 x 12 x 15 cm
ca. 5 l
ca. 0.20 kg

ca. 49 x 33 x 24 cm
ca. 39 l
ca. 1.00 kg

Detail 0

Extra accessory on trolleys
Removable keychain

Detail 1

Bow detail in rose gold
On the packing strap inside

Detail 2

Expansion fold for size M
Simply open up for more packing space

Detail 3

High-quality interior
In fresh coral colours

Detail 4

Extensive selection of models
Weekender, shopper, rucksack, garment bag, purse and washbag





Travelling in style with BARBARA.



The first joint collection by BARBARA & TITAN is based on the attributes of the lady herself who has been the inspiration for this range of luggage: Such elegance and style, just like the editor-at-large of the BARBARA magazine, Barbara Schöneberger. Practical and beautiful items of luggage and accessories are the outcome of such an intensive collaboration with the moderator, singer and entertainer. Not only are they your perfect companion but they also offer plenty of packing space, whilst at the same time looking stunning. Safety is key, too: a lock with TSA LOCK® function ensures that your personal belongings in the suitcase are safe.

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