700505.pngMade for every demand. Our vision for the PRIOR was born of our ambition to make new even newer, stability even more stable, lightness even lighter and style even more stylish – with brandnew materials and finishes, a futuristic design and intuitive handling. Despite its ultramodern exterior, the PRIOR isn’t a show-off; it is quite simply light, robust, innovative and a trendsetter in material. The shell is made of Senolite®, a polycarbonate with precious Smartskin finish developed especially for the PRIOR. The sizes L and M are equipped with an injection-moulded frame, which is glued to the shell and has the patent-pending lock system integrated into itself. The cabin trolley has the perfect dimensions (40 x 55 x 20 cm) that are approved as cabin luggage by all the major airlines. The TITAN PRIOR is a German quality product. Designed, developed and produced in Germany, and finally hand-crafted in Bavaria.

4-wheels Frame Trolley M

46 x 69 x 28 cm
82 l
ca. 3.90 kg
Dark Black Sunsed Red Deep Petrol
Dark Black, Sunsed Red, Deep Petrol
5 years warranty
  • MADE IN GERMANY - Designed, developed, produced and hand-crafted in Germany
  • ULTRA STURDY - Powerful protection and maximum strength thanks to its technically perfected frame construction
  • EXCEPTIONALLY SECURE - Patent-pending lock system for triple protection
  • SIMPLY FUNCTIONAL - Clever interior with two packing straps and a variable divider
  • ABSOLUTELY IMPACT-RESISTANT - Shell made from Senolite® - advanced polycarbonate with precious Smart Skin finish