809405.pngThe best statement is understatement. With discretion, a girl becomes a lady, a man becomes a gentleman; statement becomes understatement, taste becomes elegance - and a trolley becomes a TITAN XENON. Its discretion has enabled it to assert its position in the world of hard shell trolleys. The XENON sports no bright colours, but it's therefore even more elegant - a genuine designer trolley. The face of discretion: The XENON's shell features the familiar polycarbonate shark skin finish that combines impact-resistance and style. Its curved features and recessed logo give the trolly a stylish look. The elegance of the XENON range is underpinned by its subtle colour spectrum - and by its own inimitable way of radiating discrete composure.

4-wheels Trolley M

46 x 67 x 28 cm
80 l
ca. 3.10 kg
Black Bluestone Champagne
Black, Bluestone, Champagne
3 years warranty
  • BRAND STATEMENT - Top-quality logo recessed into the shell
  • SECURED - Secure, recessed TSA LOCK® combination lock
  • RESISTANT - Elegant, easy-to-close, inverted zip
  • HANDY - Adjustable, integrated comfort handle
  • SMOOTH-RUNNING - Delightful silent, smooth-running double wheels
  • DISCREET - Smart design with elegant shark skin finish made of 100% polycarbonate
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