The manufacture of TITAN products is subject to constant controls. The various raw materials and accessories are also rigorously tested before use. Should you nevertheless have unexpected queries about a TITAN product, please note the following:

TITAN guarantees products from the Made in Germany collection for 5 years (from the valid date of purchase). For older products, please refer to the enclosed product label for the warranty period.

This applies subject to the following:
The warranty only covers material defects and defects caused by poor workmanship and is limited to the value of the product. Damage caused by improper handling, normal wear and tear or improper use by third parties is not covered by this warranty. Scratches and dents are not covered by the guarantee;

Please note: Polycarbonate can also become dented. This is a property of the material, not a material defect and therefore not a reason for complaint. The same applies to accumulations of metallic particles, which can occur in some areas of the frame due to the injection moulding process.

The guarantee is only valid on presentation of the proof of purchase. In the case of valid warranty claims, the repair obligation can be averted by exchange at TITAN's discretion. Further claims for compensation of any kind are excluded. This guarantee is in addition to the statutory rights.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact your specialist dealer.

We would also like to make the following recommendations:

Transport damage is damage that has been caused by a third party and must also be handled by them. Check your luggage for damage immediately after each journey at baggage reclaim (if possible before customs control). 

If you discover any damage in transit, make a complaint to your transport company (airline, shipping company, bus company, etc.) immediately, both verbally and in writing, and have the damage confirmed in writing;

Immediate notification of damage to the responsible carrier usually leads to prompt and generous claims settlement.