If you notice any damage, report it as soon as possible to the carrier, e.g. the airline you flew with.
It is best to report any damage before you leave the airport. If you notice the damage to your luggage only at home or in the hotel, you have, according to the 'Montreal Convention', usually seven days after acceptance of the damaged luggage to claim such so-called "flight damage". 

Our tip: It is best to act immediately! Please note: Damage to luggage caused en route by third parties such as the airline, bus or shipping company is not a case for the legal warranty. Therefore, the damage to the suitcase must be assessed by the party responsible and (if necessary) repaired or replaced.
From the factory, all case locks are set to 0-0-0.
To set your own combination of numbers, please follow the instructions that we enclose with every travelite case. 

Your dealer can also explain to you how to set the lock. 
This can have several reasons. It could be that you mixed up the digits in a hurry or by mistake. Therefore, first go through all the possible code combinations and test whether the case can be opened after all (caution: push the lock slider to the side or slide it!). If you have not yet stored a personal code combination in your suitcase lock, the factory setting is: 0-0-0.

Our tip: Number combinations like 8-6-9 can also be read like 6-9-8, depending on which side your travelite case is currently lying on - keep this in mind when setting the number wheels. If none of these tips work, the lock may have been damaged during travel. 

In this case, please contact the retailer where you purchased the suitcase directly or report the damage to the carrier.
For security reasons, the lock on your TITAN case does not have a reset button. This would allow unauthorized persons to reset it and gain access to the contents.
Yes, but only Customs and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have these master keys. The key is only used so that the authority can open a suitcase without damage and check its contents in specific cases of suspicion.

Customs and TSA are under no circumstances authorized to issue or even lend this key to travelers. Of course, travelite does not have such a key either.
Please do not be surprised: Our cases never come with a key, because the locks are opened and closed with a combination of numbers. You can read how to set your lock with your personal combination of numbers in the instructions enclosed with each case.

There are master keys, but these are only available to customs or the TSA ("Transportation Security Administration").