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Tradition combined with innovation - this promise of quality adorns each of our luggage "Made in Germany". We select the best materials and components for our products with the utmost care. In doing so, we benefit from our decades of expertise and international know-how.

Every piece of luggage is only as good as the material from which it was created. Not all plastics are the same, and there are significant differences in this raw material as well. TITAN relies exclusively on 100 % pure polycarbonate - i.e. material that has been first processed and dyed through in the respective color. Inferior blends are not an option for us. This would cause the polycarbonate to lose its unique properties.

Polycarbonate is also used in aircraft construction. The side windows of airplanes, for example, are made of polycarbonate - they can withstand both hot desert temperatures and sub-zero temperatures at an altitude of 10,000 meters. The exclusive material used to manufacture the "Made in Germany" products bears the name senosan®. This is a premium material that is produced in Austria and does not require any additives at all.

The topic of "service" will be given even more priority in the future. This is because all spare parts can be supplied over the long term. A benefit that is unique.

Particularly strong focus: The sustainability of our TITAN products. Environmentally friendly production, short distances and special features are valuable contributions to the protection of the environment. Nature deserves our highest appreciation.


Exclusivity has a name: On the back of the MERVUS and LITRON is an elegant, high-quality metal plaque that can be personalized with up to three initials. This discreet personalization adds a personal touch to the case. Every customer will enjoy the feeling of owning a piece of luggage that is unique.


If you have already purchased a MERVUS or LITRON from your dealer, make your case unique afterwards. Personalize the rear plaque with up to 3 individually selected letters.


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